The month of Muharram is the first
month of the Islamic year, and it is
one of the four sacred months of
Allaah mentioned in Suratut-
It was emphasised by the Prophet
Muhammad (SAW) that, the most
prestigious fasting after Ramadhan
is fasting in the month of
Almuharram. Our beloved Prophet
(SAW) says: The best and most
prestigious fasting after Ramadhan
is the month of Allaah-Almuharram,
and the best prayer after obligatory
prayer is prayer at night (Muslim
reported it, 1163).
Similarly, it is encouraged to fast a
lot in Almuharram, not the whole
month. As a result of that, I strongly
encourage us to fast many days,
like daily routine fasting of Daud
(AS) or at least Mondays and
Thursday through out the month.
And Fasting is a rewardable act of
worship that attracts many benefits.
Our beloved Prophet says:
Whoever fasts a single day for
Allah’s sake will be emancipated
and exonerated from hell fire for a
journey of seventy years (Muslim
reported it as well).
May Allah give us the ability to fast
many days, and encourage our
families and associates to fast as
well. May He also accept our good
deeds and forgive our
shortcomings and bless our
country with responsible and just


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