Our beloved Muhammad (SAW)
has warned us about the negative
impact of zina by indicating that
whoever commits it, is undoubtedly
not a believer (Mumin or Mumina)
at the time he or she is committing
until he or she repents.
The Prophet (SAW) says: “The
fornicator (zaani or zaaniya) does
not commit fornication (zina or
illegal sex) while he is a
believer” (agreed upon by Bukhari
and Muslim).
In spite of this ugly and dangerous
position of zina or illegal sex a man
went to our beloved Prophet (SAW)
requesting him to legalise
committing it for him. The story of
the conversation has been
documented by a great scholar of
the Sunnah, Imam Ahmad (RH) in
his book Musnad. The story goes
Amazingly! A young man once
came to our Prophet (SAW) and
said: “O, Messenger of Allah give
me a permission to commit ZINA
The Companions (RA) were angry
with the way that young man who
dared to ask such a thing (very
ugly) from the Prophet (SAW), but
the Prophet (SAW) did not grow
angry and immediately asked him:
“Would you like a man to fornicate
(commit zina) with your mother?”
The young man replied: “No.”
The Prophet (SAW) said: “Hence
other people do not like it for their
mothers. Would you like it for your
The man said: “No.”
The Prophet (SAW) said: “Hence
people do not like it for their
daughters….” (Reported by Imam
My dear brothers and sisters, if we
want our daughters, sons, mothers
and fathers to remain safe and
sound without committing zina let
us avoid committing it with other
people’s children and parents.
O Allah, we supplicate to you with
your greatest names of “Al-Hayyu
and Al-Qayyum” to protect and
safeguard our private parts from
indulging in this destructive sin of

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