Make a Google search of the
global rates of violent crimes, rape,
murder, theft, drugs, alcoholism,
suicides, frauds, AIDS, incest,
pornography and indecent
exposures etc. one thing will be
glaring. Muslims Countries have
some potent immunity to these
criminalities. The rates are at their
minimum. These figures are also
reflected among Muslims living as
minorities in non-Muslim
There is only one logical reason to
this; which is the strict moral code
Islam instills in its adherent from
childhood. The noble prophet –
peace be upon- summed up the
divine message as that teaching
morality. He said: “I am only sent to
make perfect the best of good
manners” narrated by Bukhari in al-
adab al-mufrad. The Holy Quran
also summarizes what is required
of a believer in this regards. Allah
“Say: “Come, I will rehearse what
Allah hath (really) prohibited you
from”: join not anything As equal
with him; be good to your parents;
kill not your Children on a plea of
want;- we provide sustenance for
you and for them;- come not nigh
to shameful deeds whether open or
secret; take not life, which Allah
hath made sacred, except by way
of justice and law: Thus doth He
command you, that ye may learn
wisdom. * And come not nigh to the
orphan’s property, except to
improve it, until He attain the age of
full strength; give measure and
weight with (full) justice;- no
burden do we place on any soul,
but that which it can bear;-
whenever ye speak, speak justly,
Even if a near relative is
concerned; and fulfil the Covenant
of Allah. Thus doth He command
you that ye may remember. *
Verily, This is My way, leading
straight: follow it: follow not (other)
paths: They will scatter you about
from His (great) path: Thus doth He
command you that ye may be
Righteous.” Q. The livestock,
Compliance with these moral
codes is the only solution to the
unfortunate tragedy of the
aforementioned derailed human
behavioral evolution non-Muslim
communities are dearly paying the
price of. Therefore with the modern
inter cultural infusion, we hope
such communities will see the light
in the message of Islam, and
Muslims should realize that their
Islamic is the most precious and
valuable gift of the divine.
In a 1999 CNN news report: “About
93,000 teenagers, 8,000 of them
under the age of 16, become
pregnant in Britain each year. Just
over half the pregnancies of those
under 16 end in abortion. In the
West, only Canada, New Zealand
and the United States have higher
rates.” The Prime Minister Tony
Blair on learning that two other 12-
year-olds were pregnant by their
teen-age boyfriends had to call for
a “new national moral purpose”
and in June 2000, the government
announced a $96 million [=15b
Naira] plan aimed at cutting in half
the number of teen pregnancies.
The government also plans a
major overhaul of sex education
and contraceptive services, which
will be publicized more openly and
made more accessible”. [CNN
oct11, 99.]
This while in purely Muslims states
like Saudi Arabia that separate the
two sexes in schooling and work
place, such illicit sexual plague is
almost nil. In societies where both
parent believe that their happiness
is in how much salary they bring
back home, leaving their children
to others for upbringing, such
material gains is at the expense of
the most precious moral education
that is imbedded in the young
through his parents most especially
the mother. And once children are
spoilt no about of Dollas can
salvage them because they have
already sold the most expensive
thing they have for a few dimes.
May Allah preserve us all from all

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