Partheno Genesis(Hussaini Yusuf Mabera From His Book is jesus christ a son of god?)

Partheno-Genesis is simply
defined; \”as the conception of a
child by a woman without sexually
relating her her-self to any man\”.
The medical experts have to rule
out the possibility of natural
partheno-Genesis because of the
presence of certain tumors in the
pelvis of a woman named arrheno-
blastoma. This arrhenoblastoma
contains blastodermic cell wich
also contains testicular tissue that
is capable of producing male
ejaculated sperm. if the cells that
are contain in arrenoblastoma are
quite active and living, they can
fertilize the egg of a woman and
self-fertilization will eventually take
place that can result to conception.
According to a renowned medical
expert called Dr Timme, there
were more than 20 reported cases
in europe where arrhenoblastoma
had produce male ejaculated
sperm from the pelvis of a virgin
woman; (see the america medical
journal). Moreover, there was a
case of a virgin in europe that
became pregnant without
contacting a man sexually.
(refrence, anomalies and
curiosities of medicine by George
Gouldon A.M, MD Published by
the sounders limited). In this case,
jesus is not unique in creation.
Can one call a child that was born
through this process Son Of God?


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