CORRUPTION(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

Allah said: “Corruption has
appeared throughout the land and
sea by [reason of] what the hands
of people have earned so He may
let them taste part of [the
consequence of] what they have
done that perhaps they will return
[to righteousness].” Q30/41.
If Stella Oduah a 51 yrs old female,
married with children, having
Bachelors and Masters Degree in
Accounting and Business
Administration respectively
obtained from the United States,
now a Minister of Aviation can
deceitfully procure two to six
armored vehicles in tunes of
hundreds of millions neither
budgeted for nor approved by the
federal executive council for her
personal use, then the magnitude
of corruption Nigeria is something
No surprise. The nation, the
people, the leaders and lead, big
and small, old and young, males
and females, the literate and the
illiterate, the clergy and laity, all
except for the few chosen ones are
GEJ was ushered by OBJ, who
was previously ushered by IBB,
Danjuma and co. GEJ was to
appease the agitating SS from
revolt. OBJ was to appease the SW
June 12th election annulment. One
wrong doing applied to cure
another wrong doing culminating
into the terrible situation we are in
today. The people wrong
themselves when they were taken
away by sentiments, tribal or
regional or religious to put the
wrong people in power.
This dilemma will continue to be
worst except if people will repent
and do the right thing.
The president of a nation is no less
important than a pilot in an aircraft.
Here expertise is the prerequisite.
In leadership, trust, chastity,
honesty and impartially are
paramount. Most unfortunate, even
a PhD from USA cannot give you
any of these qualities. So once you
allow yourself to be piloted by the
wrong person for whatsoever
reason, the whole plane is going
down. Definitely!
What I am very afraid of is that
corruption in wealth has already
killed the nation’s psyche to the
extent that is leads to human blood
spilling. The more money you steal
the more armored cars you think
you need to protect you from
perceived enemies you created by
your own doing.
The ‘two BMW armored cars’ are
just a symptom of a more deadly
National disease.
May Allah Save us all.


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