WHY IS THE WEST MORE ‘POWERFUL’?(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

For more than 1400yrs this power has
been prophesied. No doubt prophesies
need interpretation otherwise they lose
their purport.
In a discussion between two
companions of the prophet of Mercy a
bizarre talk sneaked through. ‘Amr bin
al-‘As was the governor of Egypt not
too long conquered from the grip of the
Romans, then suddenly a companion
among his confidants called Al-
mustawrid said: “I heard the messenger
of Allah saying: “the Hour will come
while the Romans will be more in
number” this is definitely a military
statement that has great consequence
for a military commander. ‘Amr bin
al-‘As was jolted. He said: “look at
what you are saying!”. Al-mustawrid
asserted and said: “I am saying what I
heard from the messenger of Allah”.
At this junction, ‘Amr bin al-‘As
reflected -since he believes whatever is
prophesied by the messenger of Allah
will come to pass-. He immediately
saw the reason for this re-surge of the
Roman numerical strength. He
however lamented by saying: “even
though you said so, surely there are
four qualities with them” he then
started to enumerate them, saying:
“indeed they the most tranquil people
in times of tribulation, and quickest in
recovery after a disaster, most
courageous to re-attack after a military
withdrawal, the best of them to poor,
orphans and the weak” then suddenly
he remembered another quality which
shouldn’t have escaped his attention.
He recalled: “and the fifth: which is
good and beautiful; they are the most
immune from the tyranny of
kings” (narrated by Muslim chapter 10
hadith no. 7461)
This is how intelligent ‘Amr was. On
hearing something strange he tried to
see the reason behind such phenomena.
And because of his experience in
military, governance and proper
understanding of Islam, he could
logically see the factors that will make
the Romans -who were at that time
losing battles to Muslims- reverse the
picture in the times ending.
Today, we have seen the Romans
dissolved into the Barbarian tribes
which formed the Christian west. They
are the most power group of people
militarily, whenever there is a disaster
they call experts to discuss and their
leaders comes out to address the
nation, when there is tribulation they
tackle it with decorum, they are usually
the first to assist in famines, they have
food banks and social welfare for the
poor, and most importantly they have a
democratic system of governance that
prevents rulers from tyranny, they have
done away with dictatorship and
monarchy the Islamic world is still
garbling with intellectually and in
We see today as ‘Amr bin al-‘As saw
yesterday, that the west is more in
number – an expression of military
supremacy and civilization because
they have qualities or principles which
all are what Islam was trying to imbed
in the faithful but because of greed,
racial and religious bigotry Muslims
have failed to rise to that level of
civility and advancement.
Today if the western world would
avoid two maladies in their societies
they can turn them into the Utopian
society Islam has been advocating for.
If the west will worship Allah without
polytheistic tendencies. If the west will
use its intelligence and capability to
stop moral decadence by separating the
male from the female, Monika from
Clinton, Drugs and alcoholism.
With those two great issues with the
west, I don’t know which is easier? For
the west to change the Islamic way or
for Muslims to adopt those five
western qualities enumerated by ‘Amr
bin al-‘As’?
May Allah guide us to the straight


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