Brother – Lower Your Gaze

The story of a young Man who had a
habit of looking at women .
This young man asked Sheik : I feel
guilty about myself for a bad habit i…
am unable to get rid off !
I can’t stop myself from looking at
girls in the market, what should I do?
Sheikh gave him a glass full of milk
which was filled upto its edges and
asked one of his student to
accompany him to the market.
He told his student to beat him in
front of everyone if he spilled even a
drop of milk.
Ofcourse the young man managed to
walk without spilling a drop of milk
and returned to the sheikh.
Sheikh asked : How many girls did u
see on your way ??
The young man replied: I didn’t see
anyone around me as my
concentration was only on the glass
of milk because i was scared of
getting beaten up in front of
everyone if i spill milk.
Sheikh Replied: The same is the case
with a true Momin/Muslim.
The true believer is afraid of ALLAH
and shame on the day of resurrection
if he commits a sin …
These believers protect themselves
from committing sin as they are
always focused on the judgement
day !!
ALLAH says In the Holy Quran:
Tell the believing men to lower their
gaze (from looking at forbidden
Surah Noor

May Allah protect us from looking at
haram things…Aameen…!


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