Abducting over 200 girls from a
secondary school in Chibok while
under a military state of emergency
proves the absolute failure and
breakdown of defense in the
region. Yet nobody wants to take
the responsibility and honorably
resign for more responsible
officials to clear the mess.
When there was a bomb blast in
Jaji cantonment during the hay
days of explosions in the northern
capitals cities, the cantonment
commandant was sacked and
retired from the army. This spirit of
accountability has suddenly
vanished as it has suddenly
appeared in that strange case as
the unit in charge of the security in
the cantonment was not under the
This abduction is an end game for
whoever is responsible for the
killings, bombings and terror all
over in general. The abductors –
whoever they may be- are
confined in space and time for the
first time. The abducted girls are
known therefore lies will have to
end. The abductors must be
identified. These girls hold the
answers to all the melodrama that
is called war against Book Haram.
The space is Sambisa forest – a
must- since there are confirmed
cases of escapees from it. The
time is also against the criminals.
Encircle all out lets from the forest,
take aerial surveillance – shouldn’t
we wonder now if the drone
purported to be manufacture in
Kaduna air force base was not
really a dummy ?– or get the help
from USA if they are truly not also
part of the international scheme
behind the insurgency to divided
the nation. We can all remember,
the USA was behind the Biafran
insurgency in the late sixties, so
what would just drastically change
the USA strategic policy and
interest towards Nigerian oil in just
a few decades? Otherwise, the USA
has the technical ability to pinpoint
where these girls are. Please why
not even for humanitarian
But why is the real rescue mission
not forthcoming?
Because it will be the end of the
game. Yet ,the objectives of the
whole saga called Boko Haram has
not crystallized and the real
culprits will be caught- since it is
not logical that the girls are freed
while their captors vanish in thin
The freed girls would also talk. And
nobody in the system yet want free
flow of information of what is truly
happening. This right from the
start. I am still surprised why there
are no free interviews with the
Young girls are the greatest
stimulus for sympathy on human
psyche. The international
community, the locality in fact
every soul is touched by this
barbarism. Therefore, I see – insha
Allah- this is the end game of the
saga called Boko Haram. There
will be surprises definitely!
May Allah ease their release and
protect our nation from criminals
and irresponsible officials! Amin


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