Shamela Library for android Bug Fixed.

Assalamu alaikum. here is a good news for shamela library users most espcially those that uses it on android kit kat. shamela library came up with a new update that fixed all bugs. as for me iam now using it without any single problem. and the most amazing thing is you can now save your books to your external sd card on android kitkat,

CLICK HERE To download the shamela or Update it through store if you already have it.

Iam using the shamela library on android kit kat and ics and they are all working perfectly. if you are using android kit kat and you wish to move your download path to your external card, you go to your settings page inside the shamela library app. and choose the second folder path.

settings page 1

shamela lib 1

settings page 2.


select the path that is ticked in the image above, now your files will be moved to your external card, you have to wait for some minutes. the waiting time depends on the amount of books you’ve already downloaded. see the image below, this is how your screen suppose to show if its moving your files.

moving files.


after it complete moving your files you can now goto your downloaded books page in the shamela lib  and open them. to make sure they are moved, go to your file manager and locate your external card path enter android and then data. enter you’ll see all your books right there. see screen shots belows.

lib 1 Screenshot_2015-01-31-17-12-49 Screenshot_2015-01-31-17-13-02

if you encounter any problem do not hesitate to let me know and i’ll help you insha’Allah. jazakumullah khair


One thought on “Shamela Library for android Bug Fixed.

  1. I have an odd problem
    I have selected to store to sd card
    And I can see in the folder where shamela is saving everything.
    But for everything I download, my device memory is still getting filled up.
    What’s stranger is it gets filled up a ratio slightly less than half.
    Even when I transfer apps to sd card, after transfer, the file size almost doubled
    It’s a genuine San something 128gb card that I bought from jarir

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