Nokia 700 Hard Reset Procedures


This is The easiest way for complete formatting of Nokia 700 And its family( Nokia Belle ). It work with most “Nokia Symbian Touch” phones, it does not require Pc,

Also know that using this method is mostly required if your phone refused to boot, but if your phone is having just a mere bug, you should consider resetting it by using *#7780#, This will reset your phone without erasing any data and it may fix many problems. But if the problem persists then you should go with this secon method.
Before you continue make sure you make backup of your important data, because everything will be deleted after this process. Lets go its simple as Abc.

Turn off your nokia 700.
Press and hold Answer + Reject +
Camera keys.
Turn on the divice by pressing
the ON button.
Wait until the Nokia logo appear

After following this process your phone will be reset to as new as you bought it.
If you encounter any error you can let me know by commenting below.


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