Sheikh AbdurrazaQ Yahya Haifan Tafseer 1436/2015

Assalamu Alaikum, Wannan shafi yana Qunshe da tafsirin Sheikh AbdurrazaQ Yahya Haifan Ta shekara 1436/2015. Daga Daya zuwa 27. Ayi sauraro Lafiya.

Tafseer Day 1
Tafseer Day 2
Tafseer Day 3
Tafseer Day 4
Tafseer Day 5
Tafseer Day 6
Tafseer Day 7
Tafseer Day 8
Tafseer Day 9
Tafseer Day 10
Tafseer Day 11
Tafseer Day 12
Tafseer Day 13
Tafseer Day 14
Tafseer Day 15
Tafseer Day 16
Tafseer Day 17
Tafseer Day 18
Tafseer Day 19
Tafseer Day 20
Tafseer Day 21
Tafseer Day 22
Tafseer Day 23
Tafseer Day 24
Tafseer Day 25
Tafseer Day 26

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25 thoughts on “Sheikh AbdurrazaQ Yahya Haifan Tafseer 1436/2015

  1. Assalamu Alaykum!
    I had a misunderstanding with my wife last week and it got to the extent that she requested me to tell her that “I DIVOURCE YOU THRICE”. She continued telling me this repeatedly until I said to her that “GO HOME”. I actually did not know that implied (implicit) statement of divource is equivalent to divource before I made the statement. Furthermore, during the argument, I was repeating this statement but I can’t remember the number of times I told her. However, I am very sure it is more than once. I was not counting because I thought the statement of divorce in Islam has to be explicit like saying that ”You are divorced”. I want to know whether there is divorce between us or not. I will appreciate if the answer is properly justified with Quran, Hadith or any other Islamic reference.

  2. ALLAH ya kara muku kokari da juriyar wannan aiki, sannan dan ALLAh muna so a kara mana cigaban tafsir din mallam aminu daurawa ko na isah ali fantami

  3. Alhamdullahi! We or I am very grateful to your work, may Allah swa reward u wt jannah, ameen. Pls my request is, can we the previous tafsir (1435,34,33,32,3130) of sheikh haifan? Thanks!

  4. Naje inyi download da waya na Asha 210, ya kiyi sede yasa mun Save da Open. Ya xanyi ya shiga Dan Allah a koya mun

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    Nibras posted: “Assalamu Alaikum, Wannan shafi yana Qunshe da tafsirin Sheikh AbdurrazaQ Yahya Haifan Ta shekara 1436/2015. Daga Daya zuwa 27. Ayi sauraro Lafiya.

    -Tafseer Day 1 -Tafseer Day 2 -Tafseer Day 3 -Tafseer Day 4 -Tafseer Day 5 -Tafseer Day 6 -Tafseer “

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