Shafin karatukan Sati Sati

Tafsirin sati sati daga Dr. Sani Umar

Adda’u Waddawa’u By Dr. Sani Umar

Khuduba Daga Dr. Sani Umar

Fatawowin Rahama By Dr. Sani Umar

Sahihul bukhari Daga Dr. Bashir Aliyu

Umdatul Ahkam Daga Dr. Bashir Aliyu

Attajreedussarih By Dr. sani Umar

Alwabilussayyib By Dr.sani umar

Karatun AlfurQan Na Dr. sani Umar

Shirin Magabata Na Gari By Dr. Sani UMar

Shirin Magabata Na Gari Tarihin Ali Bn Abi Dalib

Hisnul Muslim By Dr. Sani Umar

Karatun Hadisi Da Aiki Dashi By Asadussunnah

Weekly Tafseer By Sheikh Idrees AbdulAzeez Bauchi

Karatun Muwadda By Dr Ahmad Gumi

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