How to install updated telegram on ubuntu

This simple tutorial will lead you on how to install updated telegram on ubuntu, I wrote this article due to the difficulties some folks are still facing when installing telegram for ubuntu, they either end up with an outdated version of telegram or even get stuck while trying to install the official release of the telegram they downloaded at the official telegram website, if  you are having this kind of problem then this post is for you, its easy and fast, you  just need to send three commands and you are done, 

what you need:

you only need internet service to do this…….if you are connected to the internet then lets get things done.. your terminal:

you can do that manually as usual or press Ctrl+Alt+L. after opening your terminal type in this command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps

it will require your password because you are trying to access super user. type your password and click enter. it will run some data for few seconds defending on your network speed. after its done type another command

sudo apt-get update

after its done reading type the last command

sudo apt-get install telegram-desktop

this is the last command that will install the telegram on your machine, after its done open your apps and check for telegram you’ll find it there. Thats all.
Hope this help

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