How to open 100+ Tabs on google chrome without crashing


Are you working with a lot of tabs on chrome? and your system is slow, or the chrome is crashing? here is a simple solution to your problem, you can now open 100+ tabs without crashing your chrome browser, or slowing down your system,

we are going to use one single chrome browser extension, its gonna do all the work for us, Now lets do it.

Open your chrome browser and navigate to Chrome web store, In the search bar search for “The Great Suspender” Click on Add to chrome, after that locate the installed extension and open it, there you can set how you want it to work as you can see in the image above, you can select when you want the extension to suspend a page, after that click OK and you are done.

Remember that what this extension does is, it suspend any open tab depending on your selection from 1min up. if you want to open the page it suspended you must have to reload the page again, Hope this Trick Helps you, thanks for reading.



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